Appeal Golden Jubilee
Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan's Smt. Surajba College of Education
"Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever " - M. K. Gandhi
National Council For Teacher Education

Special Features

  • Deeply rooted Gandhian Philosophy weaved with aesthetic approach of Ravindranath Tagor education.
  • Community centred Education.
  • Stress on holistic education.
  • All round development of teacher students
  • Bench markers for self learning.
  • Innovation in teaching learning practices.
  • Emphasis on reflection, feeling and doing.
  • Dedicated team of teachers.
  • Endowed with natural and beautiful campus.
  • Recognised in country for it’s dedicated pursuit of gandhian principles and their application to higher education.
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Science Lab.
  • Integration of teacher education with community education.
  • Teacher education covers all the aspects of teacher’s personal, social and professional development.
  • Study of theory organized through seminars, tutorials and discussions.
  • Practice – teaching based on improvement of school education and innovativeness in content, methodology and evaluation procedure.
  • Personal rapport between the Faculty and the students.
  • Out reach services to the community through donations of Books and Furnitures, Community Exhibitions and Awareness Programmes.
  • Food For Life: Collaboration with Iskon- Provision of Meals.
  • Intensive Internship : The Internship is carried out for 4 weeks so that the students get thorough Practical field Experience.

  • • Gandhian Philosophy Based Regular Programmes:
    1. Sarva Dharma Prarthana
    2. Sarvodaya Patra
    3. Visit to Mani Bhavan – Gandhi Sangralaya
    4. Presentation of ‘My Experiments with Truth’ to all students
    5. Presentation of anecdotes from ‘My Experiments with Truth’ to our students in our practice teaching schools
    6. Papers on Gandhian ideology by teachers and students
    7. Seminars on Gandhian thoughts
    8. Community lunch programmes for all students and staff
    9. Khadi Exhibition
    10. Visit to Handloom and Handicraft Fairs
    11. Regular Socially Useful Productive Work
    12. Regular Community Service Programme
    13. Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations
    14. Gandhi Punyatithi
    15. Rural Camp for four days
    16. Interaction with Eminent Gandhians
    17. Workshops on Poster making- Gandhian Quotes
    18. Display of Gandhian Quotes
    19. Gandhian Theme based Exhibitions
    20. Songs based on Ahimsa, Love, Co-operation, Secularism, National Integration etc.
    21. Tying of peace Bands

    • Innovative teaching Methodologies
    * Workshops
    * Seminars
    * Panel Discussions
    * Open Discussions
    * Celebrations
    * Exhibitions
    * Learning through Films
    * Visits
    * Expert Talks
    * Debates
    * Community Work
    * Camps
    * SUPW

    • Facilities
    * Two Computer Laboratories with Internet Facility and Latest software
    * Language Laboratory with latest software for Language Learning
    * Well equipped Science Laboratory with models and resources for conducting Experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
    * Psychology Laboratory for conducting experiments and standardized tests on psychological testing
    * Research room with computer facility, books and thesis for reference work
    * Conference room with Computer and LCD Projector facility
    * Big Playground with sports equipments for indoor and outdoor activities
    * Garden with special places for study purpose
    * Multipurpose hall used for Theatre workshops, Classical dance and Yoga, Khadi and Handicraft Exhibitions, Women’s cultural and developmental centre programmes, Collaborative programmes with NGO’s like Vachha, One India One People, Sosva, Red Ribbon Club etc.

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From Principal's Desk

I have great pleasure in expressing my thoughts as the Principal of Gandhi ShikshanBhavan’s Smt. Surajba College of Education, conducted by Indian Council of Basic Education.Started by Late Shri Vajubhai Patel and Late Smt. Leelaben Patel in the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi in 1969. Its purpose has been to examine, interpret and propagate the ideology and methods of Basic Education in both rural and urban areas. From then onwards, the successors have endeavored the goal of these great visionaries. The institution is truly committed, devoted & dedicated teacher-education institution. All the programmesorganized here are based on Gandhian principles. They are designed, equipped, interwoven, implemented and integrated keeping in mind the need to bring about behavioral changes in the learner.Accredited as ‘A’ Level college in 2004, we are deeply committed to a sustained effort in establishing benchmarks in every aspect of educational process. In the post accreditation period the college was bestowed with the ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ by UGC. The institution is truly committed, devoted & dedicated teacher-education institution.

My dear young students,
The Motto of the college is ‘Teaching to learn’ and ‘Learning to Teach’. Your role as teachers in the new millennium has become multifaceted and challenging. Teachers are nation builders. You will need to cultivate social, moral and spiritual values in children. Your role as facilitators for social transformation will require you to develop in children nationalism and internationalism; prepare them to be global citizens; develop in them self-learning skills and ICT skills and develop in them high emotional and spiritual quotient.To play this role effectively, we at the Smt. Surajba College of Education, strive to equip you with the appropriate knowledge, habits, attitudes and values. You should not only develop the necessary competencies as a teacher but also have a desire for lifelong learning and education for ‘Underprivileged section of society’.
Dr. Ratnaprabha N. Rajmane